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HOUSECLEANING: Our motto is "Home Clean Home," and Helping Hands is in the business of cleaning your home from top to bottom every time we visit. We strive for perfection. We leave no stone, rug, or pillow unturned. Details make our day and so do all those tasks you don't want to do (but would love to have done), including dusting, vacuuming, window washing, and down-on-your-knees floor cleaning. Isn't it time to relinquish your smudgy walls, forgotten baseboards, refrigerator doors (with their sticky handles), and those daddy long legs who hide in corners? We're Helping Hands and we're here here for you.

LAUNDRY AND IRONING: From your soccer uniform to your permanent-press shirts and antique linen napkins, let us wash away your laundry-day chores. We are happy to include laundry and professional ironing services in your cleaning routine.

PET, SIT, WALK, AND PLAY: Pets love Helping Hands and we love them back. (It makes our day to discover a long lost pet toy while cleaning under the couch.) We'd be delighted to spend play time or walk time with your four-legged friend (wings and fins count too!). And just think -- you return to a clean house and a happy pet.

WHOOSH AND FLUFF: Before your next party, family gathering, or evening with the girls, we'll tidy up and make sure sofa pillows are fluffed, things put away, and your home is looking (and smelling) sweet and smart. (If you'd like, we'll even come back afterwards to do a thorough cleaning.)

CUSTOMIZED CLEANING SERVICES: From Oriental rug care to upholstery as well as fine art cleaning and repair, we have tried-and-true (and bonded) specialists to care for your prized possessions. Let us facilitate any special handling they require.

ERRANDS: Busy? Stressed? Need your dry cleaning picked up, packages mailed or someone to wait for the cable guy? No job is too large or small. Let our concierge service deliver the goods and the groceries, handling things down to the last detail so that you don't have to.

WHOOPS! Did you open your suitcase and discover you left something behind? With Helping Hands Concierge Service, we'll stop by your house and get that little black dress, favorite tie, or medical prescription you forgot and send it on its way via FedEx overnight.

PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZING SERVICES: Unruly kitchen? Junky drawers? Do you live in fear of the back of your closet? We're here to help. As born organizers, we'll straighten you out -- and the chaos too. From assessing your needs to reorganizing rooms, closets, items and stuff, let us help you master the mess.

trashcanWHILE-YOU'RE-AWAY HOME CARE: If you're out of town, let us periodically check your home and keep things running smoothly. We'll take care of weekly garbage pick up, keep house and garden plants watered, and perform routine maintenance and repairs you never seem to get around to. And, before you return, we'll stock the refrigerator with your favorite morning juice or midnight snack. Welcome home!

PACK 'N PLAY: Planning to move or remodel? Who is better qualified to pack and unpack your items than your housecleaner? We know your things; we know where they go; and we know how you like them maintained and organized, leaving you more time to play.

BLUE TAPE, BLUE RIBBON, PUNCH LIST: To avoid post-construction blues, let us do your post-construction clean up. As professional cleaners, we are up close and personal with every inch of your house. We inspect and clean the nooks and crannies where construction dust loves to hide. We see the dings and dents you may not notice and we make a list for you and your contractor. This is the ideal way to help your contractor conclude his work and for you to enjoy your surroundings.

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